Deyoga Room (located inside The Boxing Rink) provides a warm, inviting, non-judgmental, intimate setting to practice yoga.  Deyoga Room was built to specialize in “Private Practice”  – not only one on one, but for our athletic team training programs affiliated with The Boxing Rink™ – as well as our Deyoga Stretch for PD, part of our Rock Steady Boxing Program for Parkinson’s Disease.  We also offer a variety classes and workshops available to the public for all levels! Please pre-register ahead of time to reserve your space!

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Introducing FUSION

A high intensity work out program, combining the best of The Boxing Rink and Deyoga Room, providing a mixture of cardio boxing, HIIT circuit training, invigorating, strengthening and restorative yoga to fuel your body and mind. Fusion is designed to provide a well rounded fitness, health and wellness program to create and maintain a better YOU!

Membership options:

Unlimited classes $179
Limited monthly membership – 8 classes per month $129
Drop in class – $22
8 class pack – $159
New clients: Give us a try! Your first class is FREE OR get your first month unlimited for $49!

All classes require pre-registration to reserve your space.

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For those new to yoga, this class is teacher guided, taking the fear out of not knowing where to go. For experienced yogi’s this is a true fast paced class with lots of heat and movement, combined with longer holding, slow burn postures, bringing you the best of both yoga worlds! The room is heated to 90+ degrees. Mat is required, towel recommended.

An intensive calisthenic style class, with yoga opening and closing postures – with a high energy workout in between for full body toning and strengthening. Room is heated to 90+ degrees. Mat required, towel recommended.

INERTIA (SHORT FORM ASHTANGA) – 60 minutes – heated room
This method of yoga follows a series of postures while syncing the breath – a process that produces intense internal heat, detoxifying the muscles and organs.  The result is improved circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm mind.  Ashtanga series classes are a great way for beginners to learn the postures of yoga to prepare for Vinyasa Flow.  Room is moderately heated to 80-85 degrees.  Mat required and towel is recommended.

A slow moving, primarily seated class, with restorative, longer holding postures – allowing you to move deep into your connective tissues and aid in myofascial release, focusing on opening the hips, sacrum and spine. Deeper, longer flowing breath allows you to relax into the postures, softening the muscles. The room is moderately heated and is a comfortable 70-75 degrees. Mat required and towel is recommended.

MOMENTUM (HIIT) – 60В minutes
This vigorous, high energy, fast paced, non-stop HIIT (high intensity interval training) class will kick your fat burning into high gear! Effective and efficient without wasting a minute of your time! Your cardio endurance and strength will be put to the test, and all those burned calories will be nothing but puddles on the floor. Mat required and towel is recommended. *Class takes place up front in The Boxing Rink!*

Have your own private heated oasis for one hour! We will set the temperature to your liking, you bring your music and connect to our system, and you can flow, meditate, lay in shavasana – wherever your practice leads you – for 60 glorious minutes.  It’s all yours.  We can provide you with one of our fantastic instructors to guide you if you like, just let us know.  Please inquire about pricing and availability.

This class is reserved for full team training – inquire about pricing and scheduling. Keeping in line with The Boxing Rink’s purpose, Deyoga Athletes is a slower flow, focusing on sport specific stretching and alignment, while still keeping the pace intense to challenge even the most conditioned athletes.  The body needs balance and recovery – and often times we simply don’t take the time to realign not only our bodies but our minds as well. Mat is required, towel recommended.

This class was developed specifically for those with Parkinson’s Disease to enhance the Rock Steady Boxing Program at The Boxing Rink. Research proves that regular stretching and certain postures can help visibly reduce tremors and improve steadiness of gait, increase motor function, mobility, balance, strength, improve mood, sleep and so much more.  More information about Rock Steady Boxing Troy at The Boxing Rink is available here: http://theboxingrink.com/rock-steady-boxing/

Chair based yoga for senior citizens as part of our Senior Focus program (please contact us for membership options) to help aid in increased balance and focus, mobility and flexibility. Learn more about Senior Focus Yoga at http://theboxingrink.com/senior-focus-program/

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‘Beauty from the Inside Out’
by Jeanette Frost // from The Metropolitan

While there have been many studies pointing to all the wonders and health benefits of yoga (google it), I prefer giving my personal account, because it’s so meaningful to me. Yoga has brought peace and calm to my life, while greatly reducing stress and tension. Yoga has also eliminated my back pain, which once plagued me from complications through Scoliosis (a curved spine). I’ve also built incredible strength, flexibility and muscle tone, which I’ve never before experienced. READ MORE


Yoga brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve peacefulness of body and mind, helping to manage stress and anxiety.  Yoga improves strength, balance, flexibility, mental control, improving body awareness and enhancing mental clarity.  The basis of yoga is deep breathing.  In fact, the breath is more important than the posture.  Deep nose breathing keeps you calm and focused, maintains mental balance, and allows you to work at a higher level of physical proficiency.  When people are calm, they are stronger.  They perform better.   Beyond that, it strengthens your immune system, helps you sleep better, improves your concentration, eases pain and releases toxins.

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deyo_headshot_cropDeyoga Room, a part of The Boxing Rink™, is the “yoga baby” Barbara Deyo. Barbara found yoga in 2003 at CFY in Birmingham and fell in love with the practice. Teaching wasn’t on her radar, but somehow it found her – in 2016 she completed her teacher training with Bryan Kest, and began sharing her love of yoga to others, leading by example in her “guided” classes. Barbara is a health, wellness, and beauty writer, and owner of Deyo for face and body in Birmingham. She he is an internationally acclaimed makeup artist, eyebrow shaping expert, microblading technician, airbrush tan specialist. Her work has been published worldwide. She has been named Best of the Best by Allure, Hour and Brides Magazines, WDIV and CBS. For more about Barbara, visit http://deyostudio.com/our-team/

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Deyoga Room

Come in with what you have available in effort right now and we will work together to help you become your best you! First class is free to new members, so what do you have to lose except the restriction you may have placed on yourself and your untapped or long-forgotten abilities.... ✨Synergy with Lexy every Monday & Thursday from 5:30-6:30pm! Yoga with target toning to sculpt and define. 👊💥
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Deyoga Room

If we truly want something to change in us, resisting or avoiding the things that may challenge us or that we don’t feel strong in or are not great at but we really need, won’t open those doors to our next levels. It’s available to those who step up, push past, persevere and push through, keeping in our minds and hearts that this is how we get there! Trying something new is the greatest sense of achievement and a real confidence builder for your life! Don’t be too rigid for your own greatness. Nothing to fear in trying. Let go and grow...Come join me for Synergy every Mon & Thurs 5:30 - 6:30pm 💋XO Linda Lexy
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Deyoga Room

What a great day having Rhonda Walker in today for her Fitness Fridays to promote our new Fusion program! Segments will start airing next Friday over the next 6 weeks! Thanks Rhonda and everyone who came out to support!! #fusion #theboxingrink #deyogaroom ...

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